The complete information about Nolvadex

Nolvadex is a drug used mainly for the treatment of breast cancer and sometimes for infertility in case of women. It is made up of tamoxifen citrate belonging to the group of anti- estrogens.It was stated in the late 80s that it can be used by bodybuilders to stop the development of Gynocomastia tumor in the mammary glands. It is not only a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) but also an anti- estrogen and a triphenylethylene. Cheap Nolvadex is available in the US as Soltamox.

It is anti- hormonal in nature. It acts against cancerous developments which are caused by Oestrogens, female sex hormones. It functions by preventing the attachment of estrogen to the receptor sites of cancerous cells as this hormone enhances the growth of cancerous tumors in the breast. It also aids in the treatment of infertility as it stimulates ovulation. It can also be used for decreasing the risk of developing cancer in women who are vulnerable to develop breast cancer. It is not known how this drug acts against cancer but it has already been said that it obstructs the impact of estrogen in the body. It is helpful in the treatment of breast cancer, endometrial cancer and malignant melanoma. Cheap Nolvadex can be purchased only if it has been prescribed by a doctor.

This drug must be avoided in case of allergies to it or to any specific food item, dyes, animals or preservatives. It is risky for pregnant women as it can damage the fetus. Studies show that it is safe for breast-feeding mothers and infants who are being breast-fed. A number of medicines should not be taken with Nolvadex. Take the prescribed dosage only and the way as directed by the physician. Intake of this drug may initially cause mild nausea along with vomiting. Its intake must be continued over a period of several weeks and months to show positive effects. The tablet must be taken with water and can be taken with food and without food.

The symptoms, disease and dosage vary with different patients. In case of oral dosage in the form of tablets, the recommended dosage for breast cancer in both men and women is given here. For adults it is 20 – 40 mg daily. Cheap Nolvadex is available on a number of online shops. However, please be sure of the authenticity of such sites before placing your order.

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